Q: steering feels very loose on 2002 Saturn L100

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I recently replaced the sway bar linkages and struts on front end of car. Lately when I initially drive the car, steering feels very loose almost like floating. Car has almost 207,000 miles.
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first, make sure everything is tight. did you have an alignment done after the struts replaced?? it is required service after these are replaced.

Get a suspension check. It is a nominal charge and a good piece of mind to be sure you are safe.

Thank you. Yes, I did have an alignment and have since had my tires balanced. They said I need a bushing on a rear control arm but this all feels like it's in the front. Of course the amount of potholes in Upstate NY do not help the matter. I'll get it in for a check.
Got the car checked. They claim to not have adjusted any part of the previous work but it does feel tighter. Now telling me I need bushings on rear (?upper) control arms. Anyone know how difficult the job would be? Quoted $90 for each part and $140 installation each side.
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