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Squeaks and Creaks Over Bumps and When Turning on Ford Fusion

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Squeaks and creaks heard while driving over bumps and turning can be caused be a couple common sources and should be carefully diagnosed. Possible weld issues on the lower control arms can cause the noise concerns and require repair kits for the lower control arms from Ford. A jounce bumper (bump stop) rubbing against dry strut plate can cause an abrasion noise from the strut area. In this case the strut assembly should be disassembled to lubricate the jounce bumper and then reinstalled.

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Ford Fusion Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 91,181 (8,000–1,360,000)
9 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
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Front end popping sound during turning from dead stop at slow speeds < 10mph. Problem occurs when its hot outside. Once noise has started, turning steering wheel, ever so slightly, will cause the noise to occur.
i have recently started hearing a creaking noise coming from my car when i make a right or left turn. Is the only solution to take it to the dealership, about how much will this cost me?
I have a 2007 Ford Fusion SEL. The creaking/clacking noise happens when I make a left or right turn, and comes primarily from the front end, with right turns & noise on passenger's side being the loudest. Today, however, the noise has become worse. It's to the point where I actually pulled over and looked under my car to see if something was caught. I noticed a pattern in the sound: when I coast through a turn, there's no noise. If I give my car gas while turning, it grinds. My car has 130,000 miles on it now and this problem is at it's worst. The noise started when I first purchased the car around 110,000 miles, but the vibration/grinding is new as of today.
I took the car to my mechanic, and he told me there's a hole in my front axle near the passenger's side tire boot that has leaked all the grease out. The estimate I got was about $350, with a 2 hour fix-it window. Will update when the car is repaired. I hope the noises & symptoms I've described can give others a better insight as to what's wrong with their vehicle. Good luck!
Dry grinding noises in the front tire right side. When going over bumps or turning steering wheel that annoying sound would come back. I had my tires rotated when it started. comes and goes - happens more when temps are warmer. no rhyme or reason when it will happen. can drive it to the store - no noise - drive it home and there is noise. estimates $125 to $750...told that there probably will be a recall.
My care started doing this a few months ago. Mostly in the colder weather but comes and goes ant different intensities. Need to go and have it fixed but going thru a divorce and money is tight!! Sounds like FORD should add this to the list of recall items!!!! Absolutely LAST time I buy a FORD and am going to trade it in if I can!!!
I get the same noise when turning right and on bumps. Two places said they didn't hear it until I pointed it out to them. One finally decided it might be the ball joint. I'm going for a third opinion soon and will tell them about the comments here.
Been to two different ford dealerships the first one was a complete joke as they had no idea at all and didnt want to try. The second more reputable dealership replaced upper and lower swing ball joints. No problme until it just turned cold again now its back at it. My wife is scared to drive it and we just got it paid off, seems like they had a sensor installed to start having problems right after it was paid for.
I have a 2008 fusion with the same issue - squeaks and creaks over bumps and on turns. It appears to be worse when it is cold. I brought it to our local mechanic and they indicated it was the struts. It is not a safety issue, so I did not have them repaired. Maybe this should be a recall?
Creaks going over small bumps and creaks/grinding when doing hard turns.
Dealer found left lower ball joints making the noise. Replaced both front left lower control arms to fix.
not fixed yet but is driving me insane. No dealership will take me serious. One says it might be the power steering unit. I think it is pathetis that so many of us have the same issue and there really needs to be a recall.
When it's warm outside, you can hear a squeaky grinding noises when I turn or hit bumps. The more it's driven during the day, the worse it is, not too mention LOUD!
Car would creak when going over bumps and whine when turning the wheel. Took it in and they said the front suspension's 4 lower control arms would need replacing (yes, there are lower-front and lower-rear control arms on the Fusion for whatever reason). The ball joints were dry and the bushings were cracked. It's apparently a very a labor-intensive job (check out the Youtube videos) so I ended up paying $1500 for the new control arms and an alignment from the dealership. I priced around but it seemed about right and they had the parts in-stock.
The car squeaks and creaks at every stop and turn. One mechanic says it is a bad ball joint and control arm. The car sounds really bad.
Noise when turning the wheel or even hitting a bump.

Ford wants $1,500 to fix it... WHAT??? I drive my cars beyond 100,000 miles and I have never had issues like this. Seriously Ford either you guys make crappy products or the service guys screwed something up in my alignment.
My car squeaked when turning and going over bumps. I took it in to ford and they told me I needed my control arms replaced and it would cost $1,000. Luckily I had the EasyCare extended Warranty and it was covered.
Passenger side developed squeak going over bumps and turning during cold weather - worse colder it got. Now above 0 c and still squeaks. Mechanic isolated to lower ball joints. Expensive as only Ford supplies and just ball joints cannot be replaced without the arm - all one piece. Also sealed joints so cannot grease - no third party replacement parts either. This is from CANADA not the zip code identified area - just so you know. Hey FORD are you reading this stuff - notice this issue since at least 07!!