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my speedometer randomly jumps to different speeds, it stopped working all together, but is working again. No other instruments are affected and there are no warning lights (abs, gear box, etc) What could be the problem?
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unfortunately, Saab runs the speedometer off the ABS signal. this means you will need a Saab scan tool that can
diagnose whether the signal issue is inside the speedo head or elsewhere. you will need a shop that specializes in
Saab or a Saab dealer.
If your system operates as the 9.5 V6 turbo does, then the problem could be very simple to fix. The ABS system has possibly died or is in the process of doing so. Saab wants both an arm and a leg for the part but you can simply search for the proper replacement part at BBA-Reman ( It should run around $100 and is soemthing that you might be able to fix yourself or a decent mechanic can do it in under an hour. Much better solution than a couple of grand from Saab.