Q: Sometimes starter does not turn over the Engine, It just makes a click. on 2000 Plymouth Neon

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This happens mostly at the start of the day. Cold or moisture may make it worse- not sure. Happens 3 out of 10 starts early, then OK rest of the day.
Changed the battery, the Starter, Swapped the A/C relay and the starter relay in the fuse panel, to check for bad relay - no change. Playing with Shift seems to have no effect.
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My wife found this one!
The starter switch is worn out!

The simple solution is to just not press the key all the way to the right.
The car starts every time!

I think that the plastic in the switch body is dented and the switch has too much travel.

Easy does it starts it every time/ Press hard and you are going nowhere.
That was just crossed my mind as I thought more about it or I thought possibly the alternator