Q: Should I have the speed sensor replaced? on 1999 Audi A8

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The dealer says the speed sensor needs to be replaced. The engine stalled out once. The check engine light comes on. Is it the torque converter?
(3) Answers
The speed sensor is the engine rpm sensor. It tracks how fast the engine is turning over and sends this info to the computer. If it is defective, your car will stall or run rough not even start It is a common issue on Audi.
Sporadic faults with the engine speed sensor are not uncommon and will usually set a fault code , though the check engine light may not illuminate.
They are also suspect when all else fails with intermittent no starts/stalling issues.
Your torque converter may be an issue if your transmission fluid level is low since insufficient fluid will allow the lock up clutch in the torque converter to apply when braking to a stop , stalling the engine.
My check engine light caome on ,I took iy to advance auto hooked it up to the machine and the code read speed sensor I hae a 2001 Ford Ranger 2.3,
and where is it located??