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Q: shaking while braking on 1997 Audi A8

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I recently replaced the right driver side bearing and hub assembly due to shaking when I brake. This problem was worse after a prlonged period of braking. The problem is still present. Greased the caliper bolt today. Help!!!!
Sounds like warped rotors causing brake pedal pulsation. Typically you would first notice this when slowing down from hiway speeds like on an off ramp and would feel the pulsation thru the brake pedal and maybe even in the steering wheel. If gets worse will then feel during stop and go slower speeds. Caused by age, caliper hanging up and trying to seize at the caliper piston, caliper slide not being able to release when release pedal, rotor being too thin. Heat is a byproduct of braking and heat transfers into the rotor and if rotor has probs or surrounding components have probs then will warp and cause pulsation. if remove and machine the rotors all your doing is making them thinner and then more likely to warp again. I suggest you replace them and inspect all other components.
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