Q: service reminder reset on 2003 Audi A6 Quattro

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How do I reset the "service!" reminder when it has been serviced? Also, how do I change readings from celcius to farenheit?
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It is reset with a scan tool, or turn off engine press and hold down the trip odometer button, turn on to ignition with button still held down, release, message will read "Service....), hold the button on the instrument cluster for the clock, until display says "service in xxxx miles? or Service" switch ignition off. Not sure how to change degrees C to F. Check here or try this link you may be able to down load a free copy of the owner's manual for your vehicle or look at Audi specific forums.
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Turn ignition off and hold the trip odometer reset button, while holding, turn ignition switch on, releaqse the trip reset button and the following message should appear (service in ????? miles or service) Hold the clock adjustment button until message appears saying service in 10000 miles.
Otherwise you need to have a VAG access scan tool to reset or change the values in the adaption part of the instrument cluster
I hope this helps out

Chris Hall
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