Q: SBC Control Unit on 2004 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

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Am having Mercedes E-240 (W211) Model 2004 - Am getting this message on my screen (Service Brake! Visit Workshop!)- Mechanic told (without connecting the car computer to any reader or anything) that my SBC control unit need to be replaced with a new one (Not Fexible) - so is this true as i had saw that if SBC Control unit has been failed it will show u in the screen the word (STOP-Brake defective!)- so is there any dangerous to drive the car ? as the brake is working propably OK ?
(1) Answer
These cars have electronic brake wear sensors to tell you when you need to simply service your brakes. The simplest explanation is that the car is right and you need new pads and rotors. I would get a second opinion from a Mercedes specialist. I don't see how the tech could know the module is bad without doing thorough diagnosis.
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