Q: running temperature on 1997 GMC Suburban 2500

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I would like to know what the normal running temperature is for this engine because I just bought this suburban from a unscrupulous private owner anyhow, it runs at 220 degrees and I'm sure this is too hot. There is no visible leak for the water just I'm thinking this is either a head gaskit or cracked head but there's no oil in the radiator and no water in the oil???? can anyone help me?
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This vehicle generally runs between 190 and 200 degrees. The problem could be a cooling system that is not working properly or a thermostat that is no longer working in the proper range. It could also be as simple as a gauge that is not reading right. If you have any more questions feel free to check our web site
Thank you for your time... I noticed in the radiator looks like the previous owner mixed two types of antifreeze but I just bought this car and am going through it bit by bit... the water/antifreeze does not seem to be holding water, I have to keep putting water?
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The mix of coolant and water is critical to the performance of the cooling system. You need to address the coolant loss issue first. We would be happy to assist you with the repairs. Feel free to schedule a appoinmnet @ (562) 867-238
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