Q: Replace the entire GAS TANK? on 2003 Audi A6 Quattro

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What do I need to do to replace the entire GAS TANK? Per audi dealership the leak had nothing to do with recall?? They sd the gas tank needs to be replaced and they want me to cough up $3700.00...I paid only $2000.00 more for the entire car??

Need to find cheaper way to get this fixed...just need to know what I'm looking for in parts??
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Maybe have this shop pull the tank and have it repaired and reinstalled Or search fuel tank repair Dallas Texas on Google
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we see this often on Mercedes E320 and E350. first there's
an evap code and fuel smell. after smoke test, we see the
leak at the top of the tank. on this Audi, the labor alone is $1200. welcome to the world of plastic fuel tanks.
I see the tank available at for $1389 plus shipping and the book time to remove and replace this tank is 4.7 hours