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Recall to Replace Lower Ball Jints Due to Moisture Damage on Jeep Liberty

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Certain 2002-2006 vehicles were recalled to replace the lower ball joints because they were susceptible to damage from moisture. For more information on this recall, please click here»

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Jeep Liberty Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 118,756 (124–200,000)
5 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006
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My ball joints were replaced in '06 but it has happened again this year. Does Chrysler keep replacing them. I know that there is normal wear and tear but is this a structural/design issue
Lower ball joint broke into just happened 8/27/15 not been repaired yet just found out about recall
Squeak y in my front end& when u going over bumps it loud& clear.. So now gotta have whole lower ball joints
Brought in for oil change and inquired about the noise I am hearing. Ball joints are bad.
I have a jeep liberty 65 edition in June my driver side ball joint snapped. Without warning and now in December the passenger side has snapped while going down the interstate
Discovered by mechanic who was rotating my tires. Headed to the Jeep dealership to seek relief under recall.
Left front ball joint failed as I was driving through a parking lot. Have had car about 4 months. Is this possibly under recall if it has been replaced before because of recall -because of -horrible parts they use?
My vehicle started making a rattling noise and the front drivers tire was showing signs of wear. I took it to the shop for a wheel alignment and was told the lower ball joint needed to be replaced. I am waiting for the part. It'll be replaced next week.
We turned into a parking on December 23, 2015 and it sounded like the bottom literally fell out. We managed to get all the way into the parking lot and called a tow truck. The lower ball joint on the driver side was completely broken. The upper control arm was also broken. Needless to say the wheel was no longer attached. We had no idea there was a recall. It cost us $779 to fix it, which could have been much worse, considering the dealership wanted $1800! I wish I'd known about the recall.
Both lower ball joints were corroded , the right front tire collapsed while driving with no indication that there was a problem. Repair facility highly recommended to replace the driver side lower ball joint as well at same time. I didn't have enough funds. I finally saved enough and got the driver side lower ball joint replaced at different facility. Mechanic stated this condition is highly dangerous and can cause lost control of vehicle with no warning and cause a crash. I have two daughters 9-11 that I drive around with .
Clunking in front end when I drive over potholes(many in my dirt road). Called the dealer and asked if they were going to address this issue when it comes in for the airbag recall. The answer was a firm NO. Their response was " if more of these issues are reported, then Dodge will order a recall". My question is- how many people have to die before a recall is issued?