Ball Joint

Ball joints link the suspension knuckle (which supports the wheel assembly) to the lower/upper control arm(s). They allow free movement in the suspension and aid in the steering of the vehicle.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ball Joint

  • Suspension may make a knocking and/or squeaking noise over bumps
  • Vehicle may wander
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Complete failure will result in the lower control arm becoming disconnected from the suspension knuckle, rendering the vehicle inoperable

Ball Joint Related Repair Advice

  • The boot should be inspected during maintenance services to make sure it is not torn
  • If possible, we recommend replacing ball joints as a set, especially on vehicles subject to heavy usage.
  • In some cases, the control arm must be replaced in order to replace the ball joint
  • Replacing the ball joints may affect the alignment's settings. We recommend a four-wheel alignment when the ball joints are replaced.

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