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Excess Oil Consumption Issue on Chrysler Town & Country

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Excessive oil consumption—defined as more than one quart per 1,000 miles (on vehicles with less than 50,000 miles) or more than one quart per 750 miles (on vehicles with more than 50,000 miles)—is common. Common causes include exhaust valve guides, valve cover gaskets, camshaft plugs, camshaft seals, and crankshaft seal.

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Chrysler Town & Country Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 72,113 (10,000–400,000)
Engines affected: 3.3L V6, 3.8L V6, 4.0L V6
19 model years affected: 1990, 1992, 1993, 1995, more1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
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Have the same problem with my 3.8. Engine started using oil around 40,000 miles. Called the dealer last year, they said the PVC valve needed replacing, so I replaced it (what a hassle). Two days ago, a red light flashed on the dash and a ring sounded, but it flashed so quickly I couldn't see what it was. Then yesterday it flashed again and I noticed it was the oil light. Soon after that the engine started to knock so I turned around and went home. When I got home I listened closer and concluded that the knock sounded like a rod bearing. Shut the engine off and checked the oil. At 4,800 miles since the last change the dipstick was dry!! I couldn't believe it. I have been driving for over 40 years and have NEVER seen an engine lose all of the oil in less than 5,000 miles, and I have NEVER had an engine fail due to poor maintenance. As with most others on this post, the engine doesn't leak or smoke. Took the van to the dealer, who confirmed that two rod bearings had failed. They called the Millenium warranty boys who are sending an inspector on Tuesday to determine if they will cover it and told me to bring my oil change receipts in. If they don't cover the repair, and if Chrysler gives the answer I've been seeing on this board, I'm going to my lawyer. We still owe alot of money on this van, $2,500 of which was the extended warranty and now we may be faced with a huge bill to replace the engine. With 77 posts on this site alone, its obvious that Chrysler has a problem with this engine and so far has blown off their customers. If I don't get a new engine at no cost to me, I intend to start a class action lawsuit.
I am seeing that this is a common problem with Chrysler. Chrysler has a document (Star Online Document # 999926737) that indicates that this common in these vehicles. When I first contacted Chrysler they said this much consumption was an acceptable industry standard. Teh afore mentioned document is not available to anyone but dealers. I am currently seeking assistance from the attourny of Texas to get them to honor my service contract and replace piston rings or valve seals to fix this problem. I don't expect to win but plan to raise hell! Chrysler is irresponsible, arrogant and not worthy of your respect or continued patronage, in my opinion.
Purchased 2008 T&C van with 3.8L engine. First trip found oil level down about 1.5 quarts at 2900 miles. Not excessive for a engine with 125000 miles but unheard of for a normal engine with low milea. The dealer produced a report that stated industry standards for normal engine oil consumption below 50,000 is one quart for every 1000 miles. What morons!!! Thats adding 5 quarts during every recommended oil change cycle (6000 miles recommended in the manuel). That is insluting to all Chrysler owners and way out of line for norm unless this is still the 1940's.

How it was fixed: They gave me the Normal Oil consumption report -- with a straight face!

I am for a law suit just to wake up someone foolish enough to publicly hand out such baloney as that report.
I am so stinking mad & frustrated with Chrysler! Started having problems about a year ago when dealer changed the oil-they said it was low, so I began to check it every fill-up& reported to dealer probably 6 or 7 times in the last year the problem of losing oil between oil changes. The problem has continued to get worse-dealer finally is doing oil consumption test & giving me the run around about "normal" oil consumption...losing (?where-not on garage floor or driveway & no black exhaust!) approx. 1 quart every 750-1,000 can this be"normal"????!!!!! That was "normal" back when I was in HS & college & driving a beater---not a 3(now4) year old car with my family! We bought this vehicle (&$2,000lifetime bumper-to-bumper) knowing we would need to drive it forever with 4 kids & college beginning this year for our oldest. We have had 2 other similar mini-vans Dodge Grand Caravan 1998&2002-never any major issues with either&loved them. Really wish Chrysler would acknowledge this is THEIR PROBLEM(not all of ours)& stand behind their vehicles & fix the problem...not usually one to get on the band wagon, but I'm jumping on& making some noise!Come on, Chrysler, stand up& show some integrity!
Engine oil level dropping.
Discovered down 3 quarts after 2000 mile trip. Changed oil and filter and monitored for 3 months. Had to add approx. 1 qt of oil each month. No signs of leak on driveway or oil pan.
Took vehicle to dealer who said found no problem, changed oil and told us to bring back after 1000 miles.
Down 1 quart when returned, dealer said "this is normal".
I say "normal for what?". This is the first vehicle I have experienced this problem with in 35+ years.
Guess What? My 2006 Town & Country 3.8 is going through oil also. Are they kidding me!!! How can they call this normal and we must be abnormal for buying Chrysler. My last minivan 2001 with 75,000 miles we junked last year because between the blown head gasket and the rocker panles being total rotted out it was worth nothing. I can see the future with the engine of my 2006. How can they get away with this? The report I have from the dealer was dated 2009 was this known before or after I purchased my van? I was also told by the Chrysler CSR when I opened my case that if I change my oil every 3000 miles (which I do) that I shouldn't have to check my oil, guess they should get there story straight. I will not give up like they would like. Anyone else in?
I also have been having problems with oil consumption with my T&C van. Dealer says normal to burn 1 quart of oil every 750 miles. Van now has 48k miles. Last night 2 valves blown and engine light came on. I was hoping the damn engine would have just blown up. I told the dealer I was concerned about running out of oil and burning the engine up and they said not to worry because it is under warranty. If anybody files a class action law suit, i would be interested.
had an oil change and was told the oil was low at 50,000 miles. we are at 70,000 and the oil loss is worse. we went 3100 miles and have replaced 4.5 quarts. I took it to the dealer at 60,000 and was told it was normal after they checked it at 500 miles two times. I was advised to check oil every time i fill the gas tank!!!!!!!! unbelievable... no oil in drive, no oil on car, no smoke, black tail pipe though. where is the oil going?? what kind of damage or issues are next? does anybody have more issues after burning oil this much??
I AM AN AUTO TECH FOR 20 YEARS NOW I don't believe the oil consumption on today's vehicles is normal at all I have owned many vehicles and service thousands. Most of today's cars burn at least a quart of oil between services of just 3000 miles Chrysler Ford Honda VW Audi all of them say this is normal I think It may be the 5w20 oil is too thin and its synthetic or synthetic blend in most cases and the engines just are not breaking in and creating blow by (oil passing the piston rings and burning out the exhaust Also causing early cat failure due to ash build up in the cat) All the manufactures need to rectify this issue we are being taken advantage of.My own van has this problem also the door problems seat belt latch problems two sets of front brakes and one set of rear brakes by the time it had 25 thousand miles on it and my wife only uses it about 8 thousand miles a year. What a pieces of junk they are building now and they know it and charge top dollar for it too
ONe quart OR more per 1,000. This is a lot of crap...but "this is normal"...normal for a old worn out engine...always thought Chrysler was a good engine...this is my first and last...and I am old...
Just purchased this van from a local Chrysler dealer. It is Chrysler Certified. I was surprised that it burned 1/2 quart per 1000 miles. Dealer says that is normal. What B.S.!!!
I too am up for a class action suite.
I love the van, it is very comfortable to drive, and has almost every option available. There are few mini vans that have slide open side doors available.
Unless the oil consumption issue is resolved, I will never own another Chrysler product.
Had an oil consumption test started at 27,000 miles because the oil light came on. Dealer said it was normal. When we took it in at 27,000 the dipstick was dry and it only had one quart left. After the oil consumption test they changed a few things (so they say) and checked over the engine. I'm now at 44,000 miles and oil light is coming on. I'm planning to take it to the same dealer tomorrow to see if they say anything. I would be interested in a class action suit also!
We have am '08 Town & Country using (disappearing) 1 qt every 1200-1500 miles. the van has 65000 miles on it. The PCV valve has been replaced and no change.The dealership told me they had not seen this and i find many complaints by googling town & country oil disappearing.... i guess oil is not the only thing disappearing from Chrsler...
My wife usually drives the van. I have been driving it for the last few days because my car is being worked on. Not sure, but I think there are 80,000 miles on the van. This is the first Chrysler I have ever owned and I will never own another. Last oil change was about 6,000 miles ago. I know this is a little long on an oil change but it shouldn't be enough to tear your motor up. There have been no indications until now that the car was burning oil. There's never any smoke or any oil on the driveway and the oil light has never come on until very recently. My wife always takes it in for an oil change and the mechanics have never said anything about the oil being low or any cause for concern.

On my last trip in the van I noticed that the oil light flashed on and off a couple times, so I knew I needed to add some oil soon. But usually when an oil light flickers a couple times on a trip, the car is only a little low- maybe 1/2 to 1 quart. I did also notice some rattling at the end of the trip and became concerned. I opened the hood and found the hood prop was not in its proper place and had fallen down inside the engine and was resting against some metal. I concluded this was the source of the rattling and popped the prop back into place and closed the hood. When I left for work today, the oil light flashed on and off quickly one time. This reminded me to get some oil on my way home. As I proceeded to work the engine began rattling and knocking loudly, but the oil light remained off. I suspected at this point that there was something more than the hood prop rattling around. When I got to work I left the engine running and popped the hood, and verified the problem was coming out of the engine. I immediately killed the engine and went to work. At lunch I drove across the street to the gas station and it rattled the whole way. I killed the engine and bought a couple quarts of oil. When I checked the oil it was bone dry. I wound up having to add 4 quarts of oil. This calmed the rattling and knocking down significantly, but the problem is still distinctly there. I suspect at this point that the motor is torn up, and we are only 6,000 miles out from our last professional oil change with no indication there was a problem except an oil light that flashed on and off a few times. If the car was that low on oil, the oil light should stay on. But the car shouldn't burn out all of its oil in 6,000 miles in the first place. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is absolutely Chrysler's fault, but I have no recourse because the car is out of warranty. I will NEVER own another Chrysler product.
Got the same problem as many of the post burns one quart every 750 to 1000 miles. Got the same run around at the dealer that this was normal. I'm a fleet manager and and been in the automotive business over 40 years and know this IS NOT NORMAL. I attenend a Fleet Manager conference last summer and spoke to a James McCoy From Chrysler and he ask me to send him the information about my vehicle and I did. I received one question back form him asking if this was my personal car and that was the last I heard from him after countless call and emails. I've been put on total ignore from this Rep!! I feel that this issue needs to have a class action law suit filed so everyone with this problem can have it resolved.
08 T&C Van first oil leak at 21,000 miles. Oil was found in rear intake lower manifold. Was repaired but has continued to burn oil. Have been doing oil consumption tests at the dealership. March 2012, the van failed the consumption test and the PVC valve was replaced. The fourth test was done 6/8/12 and had burned 3 quarts of oil in 2589 miles (since PVC was replaced). The dealer called Chrysler and was advised to do an oil compression test and leak down test on each cylinder. Today is Tues, 6/12 and I still have no answer on the test results and the service manager hasn't not returned any of my phone calls.
I filed for Lemon Law earlier in 2012 based on other numerous repairs and oil leaks.
I am having T&C van 2008. has burned 2 1/2 qts of oil after 2,ooo miles. Chrysler says this is normal. The chrysler dealership says chryler headquarters says not to put more in it till the test is done. I am very disappointed, and angry. I too think something should be done. This is for the birds, I have never had a vehicle that used so much oil. Who sets this average for chrysler, sounds to me that they are covering thier butts.
2008 DODGE AVENGER R/T......
The "STANDARDS" are bogus......I will never buy another Chrysler or DODGE vehicle. I will tell family and friends to never buy DODGE or Chrysler again. I will ride a bike in the winter before I buy a DODGE or Chrysler.
2007 town and county uses at least 1 quart of oil each month, you can smell the oil sometimes.. I am still making payments on a vehicle that has such bad gas mileage that it is not funny.
Hello, I have a dodge grand Caravan 2007 model year vehicle. I had taken my vehicle to dealership many times for other warranty issues and I did bring to notice engine hesitation problems and whining/hissing noises at around 15k miles. They said everything was normal. Later I had frequent check engine lights and oil lights that used to frequently come up which they replaced oil switches and sensors and what not. Whenever I went to change oil (outside of dealership) they used to warn me that I had too low oil. When I got this to dealership's attention they did not accept and did an oil consumption test. Now they say that piston rings need to be replaced and that I have to pay $2k as it is out of warranty! If the dealership had done the right test at the right time, perhaps this could have been covered under warranty! I feel that Chrysler is not assisting their customers at all on this issue.