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Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost




$244 to $341
National Average
Estimate includes:


Parts (excludes tax & fees)


Best Practices
  • Using high-quality valve cover gaskets will reduce the chance of recurring leaks and additional repairs.

  • When replacing the valve cover gasket, we recommend having a valve adjustment performed, if applicable. Since the valve cover is removed to adjust the valves, this will save in labor costs.

Common Symptoms
  • Valve cover gaskets need to be replaced when they begin to leak oil. They can damage other engine components, especially belts and hoses.

  • Oil leaking from valve cover gaskets can result in a burning smell coming from under the hood.

Common Misdiagnoses
  • Components such as spark plug tube seals and grommets can also leak oil, which can be mistaken for a leaking valve cover gasket. The seals and the valve cover gasket should always be replaced together.

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