Mercury Mountaineer Problem Report

Mercury Mountaineer Rear Wiper May Not Fully Contact Rear Window

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The rear window wiper may not fully contact the rear window. To fix, replacement of both the wiper blade and wiper arm is necessary. 

i have the same problem that my wiper does not full swipe the rear window -
only half of the rear view window is cleaned with back wiper blade...passenger half of back window not touched when wiper is turned on. -
wiper dosnt fully adhere to rear window while in wash mode -
Had this problem for the past several years. I finally got tired of it and cleaned the wiper assembly thoroughly and used WD -40 on the spring and worked it in well. Wiper has been good as new now for the past 6 months. Just reapply WD-40 every month or so . -
Rear wiper blade was not fully flush with the rear window. No solution found. Never able to fix. At 165,000 miles the rear windshield wiper ceased to function. Now looking to solve this problem. -
Same problem, tried to fix but was not successful. -
Rear wiper does not make contact on 1/4th of the driver's side. -
rear wiper blade does not contact window to wipe clean. have replaces the blade and still no luck. have bent arm in a bit and worked for a bit but after a week or so it's back to not working. -
I have this problem as well. -
replaced blade, not arm, works in warm weather fine, not cold -
replaced arm and wiper..still wont touch. -
My rear wiper does not operate most of the time, but when it does it does not touch the window. -
I turn on the rear wiper but the blade doesn't touch most of the glass still needs to be fixed -
same this is with my suv -
same ting happened to me -
Rear window wiper only contacts half of the window -
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