Side Door Window May Stop Working Due to Failed Window Requlator on BMW 325i

A side door window regulator may fail causing the window to stop working, in some eases falling into the door. Replacement of the failed regulator will be required to correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 102,791 (9,000–280,000)
6 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006
107 people reported this problem
63 people shared problem details
Rolled down rear window on my BMW 325i and hear a loud pop like breaking glass. Opened the door up and sure enough it was the window regulator that was broken on my car with 46K miles. BMW should be forced to repair this under a recall.
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2003 BMW 325i99,000
Just put window down today passenger side window will not go up. Bmw should recall the junk materials they used in such a pricey vehicle. Hardly ever put my windows down so cannot blame it on overuse.
Rear window regulator broke in the down position. You can hear the motor trying to move the window when you hit the button, but nothing happens. Part had to be replaced at the expense of $240
2002 BMW 325i175,000
replaced door regulator expense 276.00
2002 BMW 325i9,000
Window regulators went out on THREE out of four windows when the vehicle was only a year and a half old. Cause was defective regulators covered under warranty. I also had problems with the front passenger window as well.
the driver side pulls up slow and stop some times
2006 BMW 325i125,000
It broke the first time at about 125,000 and again at 139,000 miles.
2003 BMW 325i175,000
Side window fell down.
2002 BMW 325i60,000
Have replaced every window regulator at least once, and some multiple times. In total, I've probably replaced 8 window regulators since I've owned the car. This is due to a low quality plastic part that breaks. Occasionally the cable also gets tangled in the geared spool that connects to the window regulator motor.
2001 BMW 325i205,000
Rear passenger window started rolling up and down slowly with a winding noise. Eventually the window stop working leaving the window stuck, had to replace the whole window assembly and motor.
2004 BMW 325i91,000
3 of 4 regulators have failed at various times over past few years.
2006 BMW 325i84,000
failed rear passenger window regulator.....hardly ever used the window
2006 BMW 325i32,000
Rear passenger side window is stuck down.
2001 BMW 325i110,865
Just had this happen to me today. Put rear window down and heard a loud cracking sound. Won't go back up. Nothing was done to the car, just simply used the window and if stopped working. I'm hoping BMW will cover this under some sort of warranty or have a recall.
2001 BMW 325i92,000
cranking and grinding noise on window going down
2001 BMW 325i110,000
right rear passenger window stopped working ... Haven't fixed it yet..
Rolled back window down, heard Pop,now won't go up or down..
2002 BMW 325i140,000
My window first started making a weird creaking noise inside and then one day the window just stopped rolling up and down although I could hear the motor and nothing was happening so I had the window repaired for approximately 230 bucks
Silicone was placed on window seals and around
2003 BMW 325i148,000
I have had to replace driver side front window regulator twice in the past year, and the passenger front window regulator once! This is rediculous for such a pristene qualility automobile like a BMW...VERY disappointing!
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