Q: Rear tires shacking??? on 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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Ok guys, I have a 1991 Plymouth Grand and I drove it on the hwy today and she ran fine like always. I got home and now had to run downtown, as soon as I took off she started shacking real bad. I thought I had a flat, but no flat, I checked all tires and they r good. I don't know if its a brake locked up, or a bearing??? Once you hit 50-55mph it goes away. I have kids so, I don't know if its safe 4 them 2 be in the van or not? Any help would be great! Thanks.
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You may have a tire tread separating or a bent wheel. Definitely get it checked ASAP, it sounds like a safety issue to me. Find a Chrysler expert or maybe check with a tire shop if you think it's tire related. It'd be easy and quick to find the problem if the car's jacked up and an experienced technician takes a look at it.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
Tires are brand new. I looked at all of them and not a thing wrong with them. Tread looks good and I felt in the back of the tires and didn't feel wires or anything falling apart, and when you look at it while its going down the road it looks like the tires are going strait as an arrow, you cant see them shacking or anything like that, you can just feel it until you get up to 55mph than the shacking disappears. Thanks a bunch!
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