Q: Rear engine oil leak on 1990 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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I am the original ownwer of a 1989 Chevy Cheyanne 1500 rwd a/c 5.0L a/t . Up until 3 months ago (118,249) , Everything was fine . Now oil is leaking out the back of the engine between the trans. What could possibly leak back there ? Oil gallery plugs ? What ?
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If it is coming from the bell housing, flywheel inspection cover, and is motor oil. It probably is the rear main oil seal. This seals the back of the crankshaft between the block and flywheel.
Thanks alot ! I was just about to remove the flywheel inspection cover to look and you answered my suspicions !! This involves pulling the transmission no doubt to replace the seal I would imagine . However , I got this engine oil seal that supposedly "brings back" life to all engine crankcase gaskets & seals which I added yesterday (3-7-2011 , made by Bar's) and it states that after 300 + miles , you should start seeing lesser & lesser leaks , so I'm praying for a miracle !!! But thank you very much for the reply !!!!