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Q: rattling noise in engine on 2009 Mazda Mazda6

I have a new 2009 mazda 6 S grand touring after about 2 months I started to hear a rattling noise coming from the front end ,not sure if it's coming from the engine on light acceleration. I took it to two different shop's and both are saying it sounds like bad gas, so I changed gas stations and still getting rattling noise.The checked the heat shield and did a diagnostic test everything is fine they said. I don't know what else to do.Has anyone had a similiar problem and found a solution. Please help.
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I have the identical problem. It was barely perceptible at first. As months have gone by its gotten worse. It seems to be a common problem with Mazda models. I have spent hours scouring he internet. The consensus is the problem is either a bad tie rod on the front, or an axle issue, or a problem with the bearing where it grips the axle. One owner spent 600 replacing the axle and he problem was still there. The only person who claimed a successful repair was a guy who replace a tie rod. He said it immediately went away. A tie rod is a minor repair. I hope that is the case. I am taking my car to a mechanic tomorrow. My car initially was just a light rattling like it was slightly out of tune. It escalated to very noticeable shaking and rattling when accelerating at lower speeds. Its worse if accelerating at turns. At highway speeds, the car runs fine. Currently, It definitely seems related to the front wheels as the car is shaking and not as gas or engine issue. But initially, the problem originated as just a slight vibration at very low speeds like you would expect when its out of tune.
I have same problem , it's noisy and clear when i drive in parking or tight street
Does it sound like a rattling noise on light acceleration.It happens to me when im at a low speed like in a development or parking lot. I press the pettle lightly to accelerate and then you can here the rattling noise but when I let off the accelerator it stops. Did you take the car in for any repairs. They replaced my timing chain and adjusters and it still was not fixed then they replaced my whole engine it stopped and now 9,000 miles later again I now have the noise again. Brought it back several times and they still can't figure it out. Now they are trying to tell me that the noise is normal which is BS. What model do you have is it a 2009 mazda 6 s grand touring.
I have a 3.7 liter V6 Engine. One of the a mechanic's at Mazda looked at our car and said when they disconnected the VVT that they "couldn't get the car to reproduce the noise." At that point they still were not certain that it had anything to do with the VVT which seemed to be operating normally. At that point they gave up and gave us a brand new engine. Again about 9,000 miles later the noise has returned. Still no solution to the problem. The new engine has 42,000 miles on it and we recently cleaned the fuel system at jiffy lube its only been a few thousand miles since the cleaning but no noise.. I'm thinking it may have something to do with not enough fuel getting into the fuel intake valves or not enough fuel coming out of the fuel injectors. The service I got from jiffy lube cost about $80 and is recommended about every 15,000 miles or once a year on any car maybe the 6 just needs more than others, not sure...
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