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Mazda Mazda5 Rattling From Front Suspension Due to Worn Sway Bar Bushings

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Rattling noises from the front suspension while driving over rough roads can be caused by defective front sway bar bushings. Replacing the bushings with the updated design is a common repair.

Not fixed: rattle or clunking at the front with slightest road roughness, especially during first 20 minutes of driving. Goes away . Some days no problem.Has been happening for months. -
Problem is ONLY on rough roads. I have a house in the NC mountains ( zip 27879) and I have to drive about 1 and 1/2 miles on a gravel but well maintained road, then up a gravel drivewy. I notice the noise mostly coming down my driveway slowly.... The clunking noises from the front end sound like the wheels are coming off. When I get to the paved road the noise stops completely. -
Just bought the Mazda 5 at 40000, a few months later at 50000, already replaced a rear shock that was making excessive noise when going over the slightest bumps. now a similar noise is coming from front. Mechanic says it was stabilizer links, and replaced them (300 dollars), and there is STILL NOISE. Mechanic now thinks it is stabilizer bushings. ahhh -
Rattling noise. Dealer Service replaced rear sway bar/ bushings. Still no improvement. Maybe now try the front!! Really irritating and makes me uncomfortable -
I had this issue as well. I let the noise go on for a few years and it progressively got worse. I finally had the sway bar bushings replaced. I am surprised by the cost of what others are paying. Mine were replaced for less than $50. -
Rattling sound coming from front suspension. First replaced front struts, then lower suspension arm and sway bar link. Result was same clunking and rattling sound. Read some fix at a mazda forum was to replace sway bar bushings with the upgraded ones. Found a replacement from Auto Zone made by Energy Suspension. Problem solved! -
clunking noise from the front on bumps or uneven road. Sway bar bushing was replaced by Mazda with a new redesigned ones. Problem reappeared again at around 75000 miles -
Our mechanic tells us that it is just a noise...the part will last for years and never fail but it will always rattle and a replacement part might rattle just as bad. We will turn up the radio. -
Bobbling noise felt thru floorboard of my mazda 5. Discovered it was a worn sway bar bushing, had them both replaced cost of repair $170 including parts. -
replacing sway bar and bushing today 12.10.12 -
Had noticed a knocking or rumbling noise from the suspension that had developed over time. More noticeable from the front, and more so when colder, and going at lower speeds, especially on any camber around a sharp turn, or highways with an uneven surface. Read a lot of the reports on the internet here and elsewhere about Mazda 5 suspension problems. Did't expect it on a car that I had owned from new, less than 3 years old, but it gets driven a lot. Actually mostly on interstate roads for commutng and longer road trips. Took it into Mazda dealer where I had purchased the car. Over 36,000 mile warranty so didn't appear to be covered. Problem diagnosed as front suspension stablizer bushings. Replaced and problem gone away. I'm a little under $300 worse off as a result... ouch... but has been the only problem I've had to pay for on the car since owning. Power steering recall in 2010 was fixed at no cost by Mazda. Good value, very reliable and economical car for the money otherwise. You get what you pay for I guess. I don't know if the replacement bushings are a different spec if Mazda 5 has changed this now. It feels like new again with the front suspension feeling less harsh... we will see if i"m back at the dealer's again with the same problem in another 45,000 miles..... watch this space. -
I had a problem with the front right knock/bobble sounds back at 25000 miles when I bought it preowned and now again. The original bushings were replaced and that solved it until now. I just had the struts replaced in the front and the sound is back with a vengeance at 94000 miles. I'm disappointed to say the least. Going back to the guys who fixed the struts to see if the bushings assess again the issue. .. -
Worn sway bar bushings. -
THE DEALER SAID THE MAZDA WAS CHECKED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM FOR RE-SALE... ON THE WAY home THE ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON.. we called the dealer.. they promised to help us with the fixing. several weeks later a terrible noise started in the fron end.. my mechanic thinks it is struts and or shocks.. now.. today.. a part fell off the front middle while i was driving.. omgawd... going over a flat even road was never a problem.. but ANY bumps and this noise would scare me to death.. at any rate.. now i am getting an attorney.. cause for the 7000 prce tag.. i expect a car that will last more than 60 days! linda satmary boaz, al. 256-593-3191 -
Rattle noise in front of the suspension drivers side. Noisy and sweaky at times, also like if the tires are about to pop out. -
Front struts and sway bar replaced -
Replaced both right and left front sway bar bushings and bar links. Cost of $240 -
Rattle or knock from front nearside at slightest bit of uneven road -
rattle clunking, at first moving the steering wheel's placement solved it. Now it is all the time especially when cold. I replaces struts, and sway bar endlinks and it did not help. next are the sway bar bushings but they look to be in perfect shape. -
Same thing.... -
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