Radiator Fan does not shut off on Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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About 40000 miles, I noticed the electric fan wouldn't always turn off when the ignition was turned off; I would have to restart the engine, let it run for a minute and shut it down again for the fan to turn off. Shortly thereafter, I noticed the fan would periodically come on by itself. I would have to get the key, start the car and turn it off in order to turn the fan off. Yes, several times, the battery was dead, and I would have to recharge it. I brought it to a couple import mechanical shops to which none could duplicate the problem or resolve it; nor could the dealership offer any solutions.

Just found that I have this problem. Battery kept dying overnight and found that the cooling fans keep coming on by themselves, hours or even days after it had been driven last. Trying to diagnose problem now.

Occasionally my 2009 Jetta TDI's radiator fan will keep running after the key is turned off. It does not happen very often (maybe 2 times a month) and it doesn't seem to coincide with the hottest days of summer although it does happen predominantly in the summer. Restarting the car and tuning off the key will cause the fan to turn off. The age/condition of the radiator should not be a factor since it was replaced by the dealership at 80K. Worried that the fan could drain the battery if it runs for extended periods of time.

Same problem with me . I stop the car and the fan keeps on running 4 to 5 minutes even after a small trip of 5 miles.

I'm used to the fan running long after the vehicle is shut off but this time it ran until the battery died. Jump start to get the work, go out after 1 hr to check and battery is dead again. Taking to dealership today.

Rad fan runs continually

The fan either will stay on once the can is stopped or will start at any time. IN WINTER, at -18 degrees Celcius, 2 minutes after running the car, the fan starts running. Dealer changed the radiator, after numerous attempts at fixing the problem......guess what.....the car still has the fan starting at the wierdest times and no reason (ex. hot engine).

Bought the car with 100k on it. I have put about 500 miles on it and now I'm finding the issues with the car. Last night the fan would not shut off when i turned the car off. I turned it back on than off again and it kept running. I walked away and thank god it started this morning though I'm sure it will leave me stranted at some point

my solution is to shut down engine.wait about a minute. restart engine and immediately shut it off again. It has worked each time it occurred.

This happens intermittently... if I restart the car and then shut it off the fan will shut off

drains battery because electric fan does not shut off. Dealer replaced fan free of charge due to recently out of warranty.

In most cases this is happening on short drives if you guys haven't noticed, some cases it could be a problem like if they turn on randomly and kill your battery. But the car is designed to do this, when you go on a short drive, the car can start a dpf regeneration minutes before you turn it off, this can bring the exhaust temperature up to 1200°f. The cooling fans are running in order to cool off the engine department. They can run up to 16 minutes. So those of you who say your battery is dying, check the life of your battery and the age, maybe the battery is the problem. Hopefully this helps you guys

I have issue with dying battery. I took it to the dealer Sunnyvale VW and they told me its the Battery being frozen low Amp??? how is it possible?
recently I took it for a recall and I think it has something to do with it and they just don't want to admit it.

Car would not start. Had to jump start it four times now and noticed fan does not turn off even on short drives.

Infrequent occurance that cannot be associated with a certain type of driving, I will experience this every 1-2 months, where the fan will remain on 10-15 minutes after shutting the car off.

Radiator fan often runs on until I restart and then turn off the ignition.