Q: put er in Drive motor revs up 1000 rpm and in Reverse 1200 rpm on 2005 Dodge Ram 2500

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Had the injectors reconditioned "to STOCK Specs" at 192588 miles. The mpg dropped from 22.5 to 14 mpg, and the horse power dropped about 15% so i tried a power chip.

i tuned motor to performance with edge EvoHT and my mpg and hp increased back to what she use to be. in fact the hp increased well over what it use to do before the injector reconditioning. About 3000 miles later this vibration started every time i was backing up and stopped as soon as i put in drive. [ my guess, the vibes are a isolated issued ] Then 3 months after vibrations started the "acceleration in Drv or Revs" issue kicked all at once.
codes 0602 and undocumented code 0483 come up.
I tuned the motor back to stock and the acceleration issue still exist. Hoping this is just a TC sensor issue.
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