Q: Proper oil psi for break in 5/20 oil on 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder

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I just installed a remanufactered 1.8 fee engine in my spyder.The oil pressure starts out @ 55 psi then after warm up drops to 5 psi @ idle. when I rev it to 3000 rpm it raises to 38 psi.What is the wanted oil psi for the 5/20 break-in oil, and is there a idle check valve that might be causing the oil pressure to be low? Yhank You, Bobby Eye
(1) Answer
Sorry you had to change the engine in your MR2. Oil pressure is low on these any way bearing clearances are small so they don't need lots of oil pressure like "old car". Spec for oil pressure is min 4.5 psi at idle hot, 80 psi at 3000 Rpm. Oil pressure is always higher cold and as oil gets hot the viscosity drops. Toyota call for 5/30 SJ spec oil in that engine.