Explorer Sport Trac

Problems With Early Production 5-speed Automatic Transmission on Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Various problems with the 5-speed automatic transmission were common. These problems can be more common on the 2002 models with build dates before March, 2002. There are many service bulletins describing the diagnoses and repairs, which include fluid leak repairs, transmission software updates, or internal failures requiring a costly repair.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 155,531 (63,000–280,000)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD, Automatic Transmission
5 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005
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When starting my 2002 Ford SporTrac Explorer truck and I shift to reverse or drive 1 or 2 shift vehicle will not move. This has happened twice now. I thought maybe I was low on transmission oil which is not the case. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
od light flashes and the tranny slips out of gear i already replaced trans once and the problem has happened agai i think it is electrical because when this first started over 2 yrs ago i heard a pop beneath my feet followed by smoke comming from the steering colum i still have the problem if anybody had same problem and solved it please help me engine is great tranny sucks help !
It will not go in drive or reverse
Transmission seemed to be doing fine, but without warning upon getting on the hwy one day, while accelerating up to speed my transmission stuck in I believe third gear, pulled over right a way and checked transmission fluid. Quite surprisingly the transmission fluid did not register on the dip stick, I had kept it checked pretty frequently that is why I was shocked to find this. I purchased Lucus Transmission treatment fluid and immediately filled transmission fluid until it registered right. Yet it still stuck in third gear upon driving it right after I put the fluid in. I then didn't drive it for a couple of months. Then tried driving it again and the transmission seemed to change correctly although the O/D light blinked on and off and when I got out of the vehicle I could smell a slight burning of something under the middle/back of the vehicle underneath. I then took it to Bob Sight Ford in Lees Summit MO. they told me that when the transmission fluid didn't register, when I first became aware there was a transmission problem and I put Lucus in it, it had leaked and blown back covering the back underneath of the vehicle with the transmission fluid,and that was the burning smell I noticed, that it was all that fluid that had leaked out burning off. They also told me that the transmission was fine at that time and they didn't note any problem with it. Upon picking it up and leaving Bob Sight Ford the O/D light began to flash on and off and it sliped in I believe third gear, not sticking in third gear like it did when the fluid first didn't register. I am driving it currently very carefully but it currently slips in third gear and the O/D light flashes on and off each and every time I drive it, it goes off upon turning the car off but starts flashing without being able to turn it off until the vehicle is turned off, and it starts flashing within driving it no further than 1/4th of a mile. I think, am not certain, but I feel like it might be a seal that has gone bad, not sure but certainly a problem within the transmission. Currently haven't been able to get it fixed because I am not sure I want to invest the money if it has to have a total rebuild of the tranny because I am not sure the vehicle is worth it with the year and high mileage. Not to mention previously I had to have a total rebuild on my previous 2000 ford 2200.00$ and not four months ago I paid 950.00$ on the transmission on my current 2004 chevy trailblazer.
Slips when shifting from second to third.
The trans seems to be jumping past some gears. O\D light flashes on and off after warm up.
O\d light started flashing and I lost drive. I still had 1&2 and if I put it in 4 wheel drive it will work in drive. Does anyone no what I should check? Fluid level was fine and it will engage with some slipping until it warms up.
Reverse doesn't work
I have a 2001 Ford Explorer sport initially started having shifting issues then it went to o/d light flashing and now it will not move in reverse nor drive 1 or 2
Seems like it only run on 3rd gear. Engine sound very loud on highway once it hit 60 m/h.
Seems to be slipping in third gear.
I was going down the interstate an lost drive but still have first an second it acts like it wants to but wants to go I drive an reverse but it just rocks back a faward its a 04 Ford Explorer sports trac 4.0 4x4
Does not move in drive only first and second. works in reverse. kicks hard when shifting. doesnt want to shift out of second gear. not fixed yet.
Trans. starts slipping when warmed up.
I am going on my 4th transmission now the vehicle has 238,000 miles. These Transmissions are absolutely junk, my last rebuild I only had 50,000 miles out of it until exploded.