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Premature Failure of Rear Wheel Arches Corrision on Ford F-350 Super Duty

Problem Description and Possible Solution

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Ford has a manufacturing defect in the assembly of the body panels. The inner fender well and outside body panel area is filled with a solid foam insulation in an effort to avoid metal to metal contact. The foam material retains moisture causing premature failure of the interior wheel arch support as well as the exterior body panel. The repair is costly as it requires the removal of the rusted sheet metal and fabrication and welding in new solid material than re-paint and finishes. Drilling holes along the wheel arches and injecting a rust inhibitor helps slow down the corrosion. This is occurring on trucks that appear to be in showroom condition on the exterior. Ford will not cover the cost of repairs once the truck is four years old. Truly disappointing and shame on Ford.
wheel arch rotted out both sides had to replace at body shop, rest of truck not rotted at all, why only arch???
Top of rear wheel arches rusting thru. No rust anywhere else on the body. There is rust to the frame, however.