Power Window May Fail Due to Window Regulator on Volkswagen Jetta

One or more power windows may fail. Our technicians tell us this is commonly due to a failed window regulator which will require replacement.

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Average mileage: 92,840 (4,700–196,000)
19 model years affected: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, more1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014
117 people reported this problem
47 people shared problem details
Driver side widow will not roll up or down using switch inside car or key from outside. I have. Looked at fuse panel and not found a culprit.
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Window just stopped working. First it was the front drivers side controls. (I could still operate individually but not at the console on drivers side. ) Now this week clear out of the blue the sun roof will not close and today the drivers side passenger window will not go up. Says no entry on control panel and I pushed nothing or changed nothing. What is up with this? Very frustrating and of course it is going to rain here today and I have to go to work. Please help!
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window won't go up or down....stuck, making scraping noise
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Twice in my first 2 months of owning my Jetta Sportwagen I have had the driver's side power window fail to go up. The first time I was able to push it up eventually the same day. I will try again to close the window this afternoon when I go home from work.
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1998 Volkswagen Jetta120,000
the 2 back windows don't go down. it would be intermittent but now not at all. One stopped at 8 yrs the other stopped at 120,000 miles.
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2000 Volkswagen Jetta119,000
Power window D-side fell down. Motor runs, window won't come up. So far I got an estimate of $280.00 and decided to DIY. We'll see.
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All four window regulators have failed.
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First the rear passenger window behind the driver failed. Next it was the driver window that failed and now it is the right rear passenger window. 3 down one more failure to go.
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Both rear windows have failed. I was told the first one was due to a "shear pin", which was repaired under warranty. The second has just failed, and only 600 miles out of warranty. Not sure if I want another VW.
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my window won't go up or down..
Power windows in front both drivers and passenger won't go down. Started sparatically, sometimes they would work, or just the passenger side would work, now both are stuck in up position.
Power window fails on driver's side. Will not roll up or go down.
During rainy weather the automatic power windows on the rear driver side and front passenger side did not stay up. They world go up to the top but then come back down. The problem has been diagnosed by a mechanic as a faulty regulator but not yet fixed.
back right window will not operate with the drivers controls, drivers side window opens and closes on its own.
After being caught in a storm, my windows in front will not work, my driver side window is stuck down
2005 Volkswagen Jetta142,000
We rolled down passenger window will not roll back up.
Front power windows won't close
whole driver side window button quit
rear driver window won't going back up with power windows
My windows have malfunctioned since day one! All four windows have malfunctioned! The problem is intermittent and seldom will happen when the VW mechanics check the problem out. The dealer says VW will not authorize their mechanics to just start throwing parts into this brand new Jetta even though there mechanics have actually witnessed the problem. I do like the amazing milage I get on this TDi but if one cannot get cooperation from VW I would think twice before ever purchasing a VW again. If someone can help me with this problem it would be greatfully appreciated.
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