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Q: power windows and blower don't work on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

- gave a guy a jump and a few days latter i had the heater on the blower on high i rolled down the window and noticed i had no power to blower or power windows. I checked the fuses in glove compartment they are OK. Is there another fuse panel some where eles in the van?

-(some feedback i got)
For your power windows there is a 30 amp circuit breaker in the fuse panel inside the cab, under neath the instrument panel. Both of the circuits for the Blower and the Windows are fed through a black-orange wire from the ignition switch to the fuse panel. The Blower has a 30 amp fuse ( it is #7 fuse actually ).

-now i need to know
Thanks I can do this just need know what you meant by instrument panel? I removed the dash where the instruments are didn’t see much there. On the right side and down from the fuse box in the glove compartment, I only came across one fused wire for the power door locks (7.5 amps) located right above the computer underneath the fuse box itself. I didn’t remove the fuses box unit, should I have? Or should I be looking under the steering column there are some fused circuits there but again the fuse look good. Any more help would be great, thank
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When I said the instrument panel, I meant all the gauges etc. To solve your problem, you need to see if there is power coming from the ignition switch ( the black/orange wire ) to the 30 amp circuit breaker that powers up the windows and to the 30 amp fuse that powers up the blower motor.
You will need a digital volt ohm meter or at least a good quality test light.

I would go to this link to get copies of the wiring diagrams that show the wiring and components of these systems.
use the wiring diagram that explains the window circuits, it shows the power delivery for both the windows and the blower motor.
first of all, jumping another car with todays computer cars is a big proble. the voltage spike from connecting the cables exceeds the max protection inside the pcms.
the computer does not control the windows or blower and you may have 2 separate issues. check for power to the master switch on the drivers door for the windows and check for power to the blower motor with the vehicle on and on high speed. a test light will be ok just to check for power.

Ok, just had this problem with mine. Take off the interior piece under the steering column. Mine is a 94 and the gray/black wire was completely burnt through. It is true that the orange/black wire feeds the power windows, blower motor, and something else? Either way, I tied the orange/black wire into the black/white wire coming off the ignition switch. Make sure you cut the orange/black wire so it does not back feed. Working good as new, and it is hooked to a big wire switched with the ignition. Realistically, even if yours isn't burnt you could do the same to bypass all of the other links and fuses.
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