Extended Warranty on Brake Booster on Ford Edge

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Bulletin 13N02 - This program extends the coverage of the brake booster to ten years of service or 150,000 miles from the warranty start of the vehicle, whichever occurs first. This is a one time repair program.

In some of the affected vehicles, it is possible for the brake booster to develop a small tear in the diaphragm under certain driving and environmental conditions. If this occurs, the driver may hear a hissing noise while depressing the pedal and may also experience a "spongy" pedal feel without a noticeable effect on braking performance. If the vehicle is not serviced, the tear will eventually expand and the pedal effort required to stop the vehicle will gradually increase. However, in all cases, the fundamental vehicle braking system remains functional.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 86,733 (6,000–940,000)
9 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
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Brake pedal became hard as if no power assist. Diagnosed as brake booster issue. Ford will repair all 2010-2015 Edge/MKX's within 10 years/150k miles at no cost.
The brakes are fine, I just have to hit the brakes hard to get the car to stop. It is like I don't have power brakes.
Hi.. I will like know if my Ford Edge 2010 73000 miles still under warranty... Im havjng problem with the brakes it becomes harder when use them. I was told by a certificate mech that the problem is the brake booster.
Brake booster suddenly went out with absolutely no warning or lights indicating problem. Very dangerous!
Whistling noise and hissing from brake vacuum booster. Determined it was leaking. Replaced the unit myself.
My brakes Became harder to press and when I was stopped it would make a hissing noise and then the car would start to shake!
I have a 2010 Ford Edge
at about 40k miles, the brakes pedal started hissing and the brakes felt spongy. It has progressively gotten worse, and now we have about 70k miles on it and sometimes the brakes are extremely difficult for my wife to depress, especially at low speeds and when going uphill. She does not feel safe driving the car, especially with our 2 kids in the car.
Very scary, so not sure the symptoms of this recall are truthful. Feels like you are going to not stop and run into the back of cars in front at stop lights, backing up is especially scary. Hissing sound is present whenever brakes are pressed. Taking to dealership in the morning. I hear the brake booster is in a particularly inaccessible area, leading to longer wait time for repair.

Checked warnings on dashboard, absolutely no warnings for this. Totally flawed.
took my car in for new brakes and After that I continue to her noise breaks started to tighten. Found out the booster was bad.
My car is hard to stop, have hissing noises, and very hard to depress.. Called 800 # on was told that my 2010 Edge was NOT covered under the break booster warranty because it was actually built in 2009.. Since the 2009 is the only year that the warranty doesn't cover, it's going to cost us almost $800.. Even tho complaints of 2009 have been reported, was told by Ford that there wasn't enough complaints for the warehouse that it was built in to make it a recall.. However, if they make it a recall we would be fully refunded.. Gee, thanks a lot Ford!! Ridiculous!!!
The brakes make hissing sound and have a spongy feeling that changes when you take your foot off the brake there is no general feeling to the brakes they change strength at different times. Hissing sound while pressing down the brakes
2011 Edge. Same as all the others. Brake is hard as a brick. Occasionally feels normal. Took car in for 50K mile check up and explained what else was happening and Ford Dealer is taking care of everything at once. Gave me a brand new 2016 focus loner. Little rice rocket as we call them.
Hear a hissing noise while depressing the brake pedal. When backing out of garage and down an incline, brakes feel spongy and feel like it is taking a second or two extra to stop.
Car is at dealer now to be assessed and hopefully replace brake booster.
Lack of power assist, excessive effort needed to stop. Diagnosed as faulty brake booster. Unfortunately, 50K miles past the extended warranty coverage. Cost $536. to replace at my local repair shop; would most likely have been twice that at Ford.