Q: Popping and growling noise when hitting bumps, accelerating, and turning corners! on 1994 Mazda Navajo

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Ive noticed for the past several months that my navajo has been making this growling noise when accelerating and turning corners and making this popping noise under the truck that you can actually feel! I believed the popping was due to the radius arm bushing been worn and rusted so I replaced those which seemed to do the trick but the popping has come back again! Im on a strict budget and would like to know the source before I spend a fortune on something that doesnt solve the problem!! What would be the cause for the 2 of these issues?
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Is this a 4x4 model? If so, you could have hub issues (they could be remaining engaged), or you could have front axle shaft or transfer case issues. These can definitely cause noises with associated feeling.
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