Poor Heat Output and/or Engine Overheating on Chrysler LHS

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Poor output from the heater and/or engine overheating can be caused by air left in the cooling system after the cooling system has been serviced. Our technicians tell us the proper coolant fill procedure should be used to prevent this problem from occurring.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 127,157 (100,000–153,000)
7 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, more1999, 2000, 2001
30 people reported this problem
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I've replaced the thermostat, water pump, timing belts, and radiator cap, but my 97 Chrysler LHS is still overheating. Any suggestions?
The heat blew out cold air in winter when the car was just at idle. Then upon Erving the engine a little it heats up. Also now I'm problems with overheating and I'm losing coolant but can't figure out where it's going. If I top off the over fill tank it is fine for about 20-30 miles and then it starts to run hot again. There's also a faint smell of antifreeze from the engine compartment when the car warms up but the oil isn't milkyso it's not a head gasket. I think it's just leaking and evaporating before I can locate where it's coming from. What sucks is the engine is just crammed in the front and there's no room to work on anything or get a good view of where a leak could be.
losing water keeps over heating. sometimes i'll leave it running and no heat untill i give it just a little gas then super hot air comes out....everytime i think i figured it out. My wife calls me to tell me she's stuck letting car cool down. Not a happy camper !! Wife makes alot of 1000 mile trips to see her family. Wonderin if its even worth fixing ??????????
i have changed 2 thermostats and the thermostat housing yet the car still overheats and i have no heat. I tried the atc code diagnostic check and it came back with no codes.
changed the thermastat..when the engine heats up it boils out of my resevoir for my radiator..Fans are not coming on and cooling the car..going to change relay and pray that works or then I need a chrysler part which will be around 300$ of course..Not good..I will never buy a chysler again..
I have been having problems for 4 days with my car running hot. A mechanic at a radiator shop ran several tests and came up with nothing but possible thermostat issues. I hope the coolant refill I had done at Auto Zone had nothing to do with it!