Engine Cooling System

The cooling system helps regulate the amount of heat in the engine.

If the engine is too hot, it can overheat. If it’s too cold, the engine emits more pollutants and engine components prematurely wear out. If the cooling system fails to keep the engine at the right temperature, it can suffer significant damage and, in some cases, fail entirely.

Water Pump
The water pump, also known as the coolant pump, circulates coolant through the engine’s cooling system. More >>

The radiator receives hot coolant from the engine. As the coolant passes through the radiator’s collection of small tubes, it is cooled before returning to the engine. More >>

Key Component — Thermostat

The thermostat is a mechanical device that controls engine temperature. It blocks coolant flow to the radiator until the engine reaches a predetermined temperature, which allows the engine to warm up quickly. More >>

Additional Key Parts

RadiatorUpper radiator hose, Lower radiator hose, Coolant expansion tankWater pump


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