p0403 keep coming on on 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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p0403 code stay on and if i reset it, it stayed off for a while and come on. the egr solenoid has 30.7 ohms looks normal to me but why the lights keep coming on. what is the ohms of this egr solenoid.
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you need to look at a lot of things. the amount of exhaust and vacuum is critical to the operation. if the passages are clogged then this code will set.
the egr itself can cause this issue as well an needs to be checked.
the solenoid needs to be grounded to test if it is passing vacuum.
and lastly, the computer signal needs to be verified.

a shop with a scan tool can do this for you. it is not as easy as it sounds.

the above answer is exactly correct. there are a lot of possibilities that might be causing the problem, and it can even be a combination of a couple things together. I recommend taking it to a shop that knows how to test all of the different components in the egr system to isolate which one or multiple things are causing the problem. If you are in the san jose area you can always come by our shop, if not I recommend looking for a local shop with good reviews in your area, be prepared to pay a diagnostics fee though, as there are quite a few things that will need to be tested.
i changed the egr sensor and the p0403 did dissapear and did not came back. the new egr sensor has 27.8 ohms less than 3 ohms than the old egr sensor. the car pass the smog. the car has been driven for a week now and no cel comes out. thank you everybody for the help and advice.
Hello I am having problems with my check engine light I have put on a egr senoild and a egr valve and still the light comes back on why