Q: Oil leak from the engine compartment on 2007 Infiniti M35

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Just purchased the car. Noticed oil leaks at the bottom of the car after a overnight park at the garage. What could be the problem? Does the NYS lemon law warrants such repair from the selling used car dealer? Please advise. Thanks.
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sorry, lemon law is only on new vehicles and does not cover used vehicles. this is the reason why you always
always always have any vehicle inspected before you buy it. could be a loose oil filter or valve cover gaskets
or a head gasket or oil left on the spot by someone else's car before you parked there.
That is not true. At least not in NYS. I have checked their website and it clearly covers used vehicles and requires the seller/dealer to provide warranty based on mileage. The car is under warranty and I am taking it to the dealer. Thanks anyway