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ODB Code P0305- Misfire in #5 Cylinder

(2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)
in Milwaukee, WI on February 22, 2011
Recently, the service engine light came on, and when I pulled the code it came back P0305, which I now know has to do something with a misfire in the #5 cylinder of my V6 4.0L engine.
At the same time I noticed the light on, I also noticed that when I go to start the van using the factory-installed autostart, the vehicle shuts off after approx 20 seconds. When I use the key in ignition, starts up and runs just fine...without the engine light on, you'd never know there was a problem.
I purchased the van used with 36k miles on it. Shortly after purchasing it I noticed ticking noise coming from engine. After several trips to dealership, they replaced the short runner valve in conjunction with an oil change. That replacement failed (indicated by the ticking noise returning) and so they replaced that replacement. This was 6 months ago. Around the same time SRV was replaced (the first time) a software update was also performed to address some stalling issues while driving; and I have had no problems with that since the update. However, from time to time, I do experience hesitation when accelerating. And it does start rather hard, but it has always done that and I didn't think too much of it until this problem came up. I don't know if all this is relevant, but just giving as much detail as possible.

I alluded to it earlier, but this is a 2008 Dogde Grand Caravan SXT with a 4.0L V6 engine. I've had 10W30 oil changed recent as a few weeks ago. I'm not stuck on any paricular brand/type of gas...whichever is cheapest.

My first question: Is the problem I'm having with the autostart due to the engine light being on, or is it a symptom of whatever CAUSED the light to come on?

Second question: Any idea on what could be causing the fault? If its just a bad spark plug, I don't want to pay someone to replace a fuel injector. Likewise, if there's a leak somewhere causing a pressure drop, I don't want to replace a bunch of parts only to find that it didn't resolve the problem.

Many thanks for any information you can provide.
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on February 22, 2011
This is what I'd do first and you can do that also:
Number the ignition coils, check spark plugs, if they are bad replace them with the OE Champion or NGK plugs. Replace the #5 coil with an other one i.e. #4 and see if the misfire follows the coil to the 4th cylinder. If it does, replace the coil, if it stays at #5 you need a repair shop since you can't really do much diagnostics on it.
There could be an intake air leak at the #5 runner, fuel injector, internal engine problem, like a worn cam shaft lobe, etc...

on August 14, 2012
On a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, engine light came on, engine running rough, particularly at low idle, would seem to smooth out when increasing RPM. Shuttering also. Got Codes P0300 and P0305, for misfire #5 cylinder and Random Misfire - Code from NAPA auto Parts. I disconnected #5 cylinder wire, seemed about the same. As I pulled out wire from spark plug wouldn't budge, then the wires pulled clean off from spark plug base connection, leaving wire hanging off spark plug. Pulled Spark Plug and it appeared overly warn out, burned in. Replaced both plug and wire, engine light went off, and no more symptoms. I suspect the location of that plug #5 is overly tramatic for the plugs and wires. Wire appeared somewhat melted.
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