OBD II Fault Code

  • OBD II P00BB

    OBD-II Code Decreased engine performance is defined as a Fuel Injector Insufficient Flow - Forced Limited Power

    The engine control module (PCM) uses pressure sensors to determine the amount of fuel flowing through the injectors. The PCM anticipates a drop in pressure when the fuel injector is allowing fuel to pass through. If the PCM does not see the correct drop in fuel pressure, the PCM will set code P00BB.

    Decreased engine performance Symptoms

    • Decreased engine performance
    • Engine may stall
    • Increased fuel consumption

    Common Problems That Trigger the P00BB Code

    • Fuel injector failure
    • Fuel pressure regulator failure
    • Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failure
    • Wiring issue

    Common Repairs Needed for the P00BB Code

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