Q: O2 Sensors and check engine light Driving me Crazy ! on 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

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Bought out of state from friend of friend. Live in NY and cannot pass exhaust inspection. Different o2 sensors show up as problems. Three times. Check engine3 light one....replace o2 sensor that it need to drive a while before they can read the computer again and before the very next a week......the darn light comes back on. Another inspection and another 02 sensor needed. I really dont know what to do. I'm a female....enuf said ! LOL please someone HELP ME! The car runs fine ! If I replace all 4 sensors, and time it perfectly, will I beat the inspection game?
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Really need to have the codes properly inspected. There are several types of oxygen sensor codes and some are NOT even caused by the oxygen sensor. If you could tell me the exact codes, I can interpret them and possibly help you.

Or you can go to a shop who is good at Diagnosis:
Thanks so much for offering to help. I can only remember on the inspection failure sheets a location of the sensor like position 2 rear or bank 1 or stuff like that. I will call them and ask for the code numbers. I will report the codes as soon as I have them.

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