Q: o2 sensor on 1997 Nissan Maxima

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I'm having problems,I have replaced my o2 sensor (bank 1 sensor 2) and no check engine light appears. i check the wiring up to the plug. then check the engine harness and found a wire gray with white strip and alumim wire about 6 inches from plug. the three wires to plug still entact
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I am not sure what your question is? If you replaced your Bank 1 rear oxygen sensor, that sounds fine, do you mean that when you turn on the key no check engine light appears, because that has little to do with any oxygen sensor. Check all your fuses to be safe, however see below:
The check engine light is illuminated and extinguished by the computer.
If you write back with your concern, I will do my best to help you.
I took it to the smog tec and he said that the o2 still says p0136 code. i don,t understand how it could still be the problem! NOTE that all o2 s are new. and the smog guy says the light shuld be on if the o2 is bad the light never comes on. only when started the light comes on then goes off. Note computer says o2 not working po136 o2 sen bank 1 sensor 2 Thanks for your help
The bank 1 sensor 2 is an oxygen sensor but it only functions as a monitor for the exhaust downstream of the catalytic converter on the right side. System operation isn't adversely affected if the monitors fail so the code will set but the check engine light may not come on. It will fail emissions so it needs to be replaced. The tech should have been able to explain that.
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