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Q: No spark..... Broke down while driving all of a sudden..... on 1992 Dodge D350

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I was driving on the highway when all of a sudden my check engine light began to flash and i was loosing power.. I lost all speed and was forced to pull over to the median.. My fuel pump was on the way out so after being towed to my house I went ahead and bought the almost $300.00 part.. Changed it and found that I had no spark... Knowing that everything on the truck electrical wise was new, I went ahead and ordered the single board engine computer... I just finished assembling my truck due to the fact that since it broke down, I had the great idea of painting it while I waited on the computer to come in... Bottom line the computer did not fix my problem and I have a very pretty truck that is still broke down... I do know that I used to be able to pull the codes by clicking the ignition on and off three times and that the check engine light would blink at me... Ever since this problem the check engine light will not come on... It is not the bulb... ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED....... Thanks a MILLION to whoever helps!!!!! Bad ground?
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wow, you have spent a lot of money for nothing. you need a diag from a shop that will tell you your exact issue.put your old computer back in and see if the check engine light goes back on. you need a compression test and a fuel pressure test. then the ignition side needs to be checked.

Thanks.... but the problem is obviously spark not fuel or compression... I just rebuilt the engine in Jan. of this year... The motor is solid.... The electrical end is not.... The engine light would also not come on with the old computer.... This is why I changed it....Found the problem... Just started tracing the wires with the schematic and found a 22 ga. fuse able link blown... Replaced it and boom.... purs like a kitten... Does not matter if you have good fuel pressure and great compression if you don't have spark.... Just for the record there is no diagram that tells you your exact issue.... If there was I would not be asking the question... Your answer sounds like that of a fifth grader... No offense but seriously it would of messed up a person whom is not a mechanic and you would of had them waste a lot of money.... You have to fix the problem at hand... Not look for other problems when dealing with one you know that you already have... Gotta fail you on this one Roy....
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