Q: no power to ignition coil on 1999 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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on my Dodge Ram 3500 Van 1999, after determining that I was getting no spark to the distributor I dirconected the connector from the coil and checked with a test light while my son cranked the engine at first I got nothing then after trying it again my test light lit up and I recnnected the connector to the van and it started. I let it run for a while about 5 minutes then cut it off when I went to crank it again it wouldn't start so I diconnected it from the coil had my son crank it and now I'm getting no power at all to the connector that goes to the coil. This happened about a month ago I tried to crank it and it would turn over so I left it and came back and it crank but now it dead.
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you may have a bad connector or the wire is damaged from the ignition switch. it may also be the ignition switch.

I was thinking maybe the crankshat sensor or the ecm. Am I right if it was the ignition switch then the starter wouldn't turn over. the starter is spinning I'm not getting any fire to the coil. Why do you say ignition switch?