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Incorrect Temperature From Climate Control System on Mazda RX-8

Problem Description and Possible Solution

If the climate control's heat/cold knob is not adjusting to the desired temperature, a new climate control unit may be needed.

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Mazda RX-8 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 66,865 (20,000–110,000)
7 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010
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I had the same issue where jiggling the knob was the only way to change the temperature. The solution isn't really difficult. It'll take about an hour and a half. You have to remove the radio/climate control faceplate, then disconnect and remove the climate control unit. Disassemble it all the way down to the circuit board. There, the temp control knob will have 3 pins that go all the way through the board. If you look at the back side of the pins you'll notice: 1) There isn't much solder on it, 2) The solder is cracked. Just add more solder to the pins. I used Rosin based. Reassemble and test. Worked like a charm for me. Even if you've never done anything like this before, give it a try. You'd be surprised how easy it is.
Of course, I bought this car used. It was summer so I tested the AC which seemed to work. The same week I noticed the heat was possessed. It is either super hot, or super cold. There is no in between. It seems to decide when and where it wants to get hot, or to get cold. Usually I can rotate the knob back and forth to fix this. With all these reports, I would think this is a faulty design or manufacturing. I assume there is a recall for this? If not I may just contact a lawyer and see about starting a class action suit. Oh, and today the airbag light literally just came on out of no where.

Hey all, found a do-it-yourself guide to fix this problem. I plan on doing it, then sending Mazda a bill for the labor at standard shop rates. :-)
A/C knob doesnt work. Only goes from 0 to 16 and nothing in between and you have to jiggle it and mess with it to get 16. This is clearly a common problem from the design of the car and should be recalled. Needless to say this and other problems with the vehicle (condensation in the taillights etc.) will make sure I never buy another Mazda. I love the car, but the service and poor design doesnt make it worth it.
Hot air with air conditioning, cold air with heat. Wiggle knob and rotate to get correct temp. It sometimes takes a while to get the temp I am asking for.
Solder points break in unit. Resolder connections. About 3 hrs to fix and back to normal. Search Google for pictures and instructions.
Temperature control knob is messed up and you have to twist it back and forth between hot and cold and then hold it on the cold for a second or 2 for it to hold cold.
Sometimes the heater doesn't put out any heat even after the engine has reached operating temperature. After turning the temp.back & forth Sometimes it will start working & Sometimes not!
I ran into the same problem but mine often gets worst the whole thing goes out radio CD player and only two lights
flash on the climate control round buttons the green(AC) Orange(Circulation).
My air conditioner blows hot air. Some times it will blow cold but when it does it takes my cars rpms down and it kills the car. I don't know what's wrong.
My climate controls worked intermediately, including the source (recirc vs. fresh air), location (defrost, feet, etc.), and temperature. Was having issues with the radio display too. Took it in yesterday to an electronics repair shop. They resoldering the entire panel inside the display and now it works perfectly.
Im having cooling issues, the computer says its has something to do with the intake code 661 i think... the car does not heat up it takes time to heat up now. more so the nobs and i would like to install a blue tooth connect no wires or visible outer parts. If it is at a reason reasonable price flat screen. Need free diagnostics of car
Heater does not work unless you wiggle the knob and even then it goes back to cold air... Oh, and the knob broke off as well...