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The Brake Light Warning Message May Be Displayed on Mercedes-Benz ML350

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The brake light warning message for a burned out bulb may be displayed. Our technicians tell us the tail lamp housing may melt and distort causing a poor connection at the bulb. The lamp housing should be replaced to correct this condition.

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Mercedes-Benz ML350 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 65,606 (24,000–120,000)
5 model years affected: 2003, 2009, 2010, 2011, more2013
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Have the same problem. My technician just check the bulb, and it is good. He told me that whole housing has to be changed, and it will cost me more than $250. I have road many comments about this problem, so it has to be recall on it. So... what can I do?
Taillight message appears stating the right bulb is out. tried replacing the luck in resolving the problem.
Mercedes 2013 C-250 - false dashboard warning light keeps coming on for left rear brake and tail light every day but my lights are ok!
Bought the ML350 used and have changed 3 bulbs since February but the same "left brake light" message keeps coming up!

Very frustrating!
Display indicated a rear right lamp out. Checked it and no lamp out. Problem light came on and off for days. Took ML350 to my independent shop. They installed repair harness kit (164-826-00-07). Part was $17.50 with $96.00 in labor. No more problems.
Both the left and right brake lamp warning will appear. The bulbs are good. The light will work sometimes, and out others. Just bought the car used from a dealer, bringing back to have them install repair harness kits.
I just purchaes an ML 350 from the local MB Deler. I noticed that the rear brake light was out when I got home. I took it to a local MB mechanic and he put a new buld in it but said the whole housing unit needs replacing and will cost $400. He has seen this several times and the wiring that MB uses is inadequate and melts. I scheduled an appointment at the Dealer to get it fixed (hopefully at thier cost). Interestingly enough, when looking on Auto for a second ML350, I counted the number of "bulb replacemnts" or "light housing unit replacements" on 100 random CarFax reports for the 2010-2011 ML 350 and 66% of car reports surveyed have had an issue! Disappointed that MB has not addressed the issue and I think I will look at the Lexus for my second car.
Brake Light Right message displayed. Went to a mechanic who tried to replace the bulb...only to find out that the bulb is not the problem. He suggested replacing the bulb socket. I will replace the bulb socket to see if that helps. Will keep forum posted.
battery light came on while driving, car started several times fine within hours, then it was hard to start, it started but various warning light came on and the car was riding very rough, maybe wouldnt get out of 2nd gear, pulled over and it stalled and wouldn't start started with a jump but no headlights radio etc, stalled again and we are having it towed
I am having the same problem with my ML-350. The first time it happened, I went to the MB dealer and bought a new bulb and a tech replaced the bulb for me. I thought that it was fixed. The next day, the warning light came on. So, I pull the bulb out and the 2 tabs were blackened and burnt. I took an emery board to the contacts and it would only work intermittently. I took it to the MB dealer and they said that the wiring harness on the left side had to be replaced and they wanted to do this for the right side also as a preventative measure. They said it would cost $389 to do both sides. I declined and will seek help elsewhere.
Same as the others. Brake light sensor is on and the bulb has been swapped and works fine. I guess it's part of the socket/wiring harness that needs to be replaced.
Same as others- even with bulb replacement brake light still going out. Brought it to MB and they had to replace both circuit boards.
I have been advised that the housing for the bulbs in both the right and left side needs to be replaced. Mercedes told me this happens a lot in the question is, why has there not been a recall on this. The consumer should not have to pay for a manufacturer defect...will not purchase another Mercedes.
Message appeared, brake light out, left on dashboard. When I shut it off when I arrived at my destination 20 minutes later and restarted the car the message was gone. Checked the rear left brake light and it was on. What should I do now?
Brake light out. Replaced bulb twice. Problem continued. Dealer replaced brake light wiring harness on both sides. $400