Q: My truck keeps showing code p0410, I need 1 solution not 50 different ones on 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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I've looked everywhere on the internet and came across at least 50 different answers, none of which matched. Please give me one answer that makes sense!!! Also along with p0410 came, secondary air injection system malfunction and then -Pending Codes- continuous monitor codes and maturing codes.
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You do have a code for air injection system. There are multiple causes to trigger your check engine light to come on. The purpose of the check engine light is to narrow down which system has a fault. It does not tell you exactly what is wrong with the vehicle. Here at Prestige Auto Works, not only to do we check the code from the check engine light, but also diagnose the exact cause for the failure and recommend a precise repair. At this time, our diagnostics fee is waved with the repair.
Unfortunately a trouble code will never give you one answer based only on retrieving the code from the computer. P0410 is a secondary air injection system problem that will require testing and inspection to locate the root cause so an accurate repair can be performed. This particular code will rarely cause any running problems with the engine and is only set when the emissions levels are elevated. If you don't already deal with a professional auto service facility, you will probably need to find one and let them resolve this problem. Please visit our website at
Does that have anything to do with my occasional back fire? Or my exhaust sounding dry?
Before you bend over for a shop, let me ask if the smog pump is electric or belt driven. You are well past the life expected for the electric pumps... and the symptoms are a match for weak air pressure, which enters the exhaust, thus making the sound you described. Sometimes 37 yrs. under car hoods is better than all those expensive machines!
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