Q: My trans has reverse but no forward movement. on 2000 Chevrolet Express 2500

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I installed a rebuilt trans with anew torque converter.It worked fine for 20 miles but then it started making grinding noises and i lost all forward gears, but reverse works fine. I didnt prefill torque converter but i heard you didnt have to,what could be the problem ?torque converter or trans?
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if it was a torque converter, it would not move period.

yes, you must prefill the converter.

it sounds like the planeterys have failed in the forward drum. it is internal.


I see you were over on my other web site 2 car pros.

be carefull, the guy that answered you is not correct. you must prefill the converter but it did not cause your issue.
not the valve body, it never makes noise.
he is right to take it back as it is a warranty issue. make sure they flush the cooler to get all the junk out.

Thanks,i usually get a few opinoins onn car issues,do you know if i will have trouble with the torque converter now?
if it was grinding, then that means metal is in the system. no, i would not use that converter as it is cantaminated with metal.