Q: My rear passenger door will not open from the inside or outside on 2002 BMW 745i

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Rear passenger door will not open from inside or outside
the window will not open as well
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Check all the fuses, on right hand drive cars the junction box is behind the right side boot trim and also left side boot trim and inside the glove box.
Did the window and door actuator fail at the same time?
Is movement felt from the door lock knob when locked and unlocked?
Can noise be heard from the window when actuated?
Can resistance be felt from the door handle?
Gather your answers from these questions and visit your nearest BMW dealer.
Possible faulty door lock actuator
Considering door can not be opened to remove door trim and investigating both of your issues, the tech might be able to enter from the gap exposed when opening the front pass. side door and disconnecting the plug harness and possibly apply voltage to the door locking actuator.

good luck
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