Q: my car is acceleted and the axoust turn red on 2000 Pontiac Grand Am

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i replaced the intake iac sensor catalytic converter and stiil too accelerate the exaust multtiple turn red
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Your exhaust turning red hot could be an indication of the engine receiving entirely too much fuel. This can be due to several reasons - the most common being an air leak / vacuum leak somewhere causing the engine to think it's running lean of fuel...which makes it ask for more fuel.

You simply must have a diagnostic test performed. It may be too late for your catalytic converters anyway, if the problem has been ongoing for too long.
the fuel injector could be bad too? or what other thing maybe cousing this problem becouse i all ready check for leaks and found nothing
You could have an injector sticking open, no doubt. But this is not the most common cause. You would have a ton of fuel in the engine oil if this was the case.