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Q: Maintenance @ 15000 miles on 2009 Dodge Ram 2500

My wife took the truck in yesterday for a warranty repair. Last night she tells me they recommended that the transmission be flushed and the rear differential service be performed.

First response was that they were crazy. Second response is that I'm ticked off. They implied that if she did not have the work perfiormed that it would void her warranty.

Reviewed the recommended maintenance schedule and all I can see is changing the transmissin at 60000 miles and also changing the rear axle fluid at that time too.

Can anyone tell me a reason they did not take advantage of her and lie to her.
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Do you use the truck for towing or for heavy loads? Is this a work truck?
If not, they just took advantage of her.
A common internal dealership policy: There is no warranty work only, they need to sell something billable to the client. Yes, it's BS, but that's what goes on....
I'd just tell them, I use an independent shop for the maintenance, which BTW you can get it done anywhere, as long as you have the supporting documents (invoices, stamps in the maint. record booklet)

First of all, know and understand that a dealership makes more money in service work than they do at sales especially with the economy decrease in new car sales.Second this sounds to me LIKE another railroading case to get you to prematurely spend money. 3rd the economy effects everyone I can hear the speech now if you care about your job and want to stay employed you may want to do some suggestive selling so that sounds like a viable thing for a struggling economy to start doing if a truck requires that level of service with 15k I might reconsider my next dodge purchase myself.My 06 with 73k hard driven WITH 35 IN mudd tires and 46 trees pulled with it one broken cv axle and two front seals later and ZERO fluid changes to date other than Oil every 3000 miles so I would say screw that warranty I dont believe in warranty I believe in oil changes and personal tentativeness and shade tree mechanics because of the economy a lot of no name shops can do the same level of crapp at a fraction of the cost blow a motor I would install it for 400 shop price thousands because they over charge on all their crapp oh did I mention my cv axle was 50.00 compared to the dodge price at nearly 200 and I pulled yet another tree unexpectedly for a friend today with that 50 dollar cv axle which by the way has a life time warranty courtesy of autozone.So if it breaks its replaced for free with me doing the labor. I would say you got screwed on the warranty deal or atleast their requirements to railroad you into unscheduled maintenance if you live in NC I will do it for free and you can take them the receipts for the fluids, what douche bags that pisses me off that they do this to people Thank God my Father taught me to do my own auto mechanics.
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