Q: Little or No Heat on 2004 Chrysler Town & Country

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No heat or little heat is coming from the heater. Don't smell coolant, although we've had to add more as of late. No obvious leaks (puddles under car). I replaced the thermostat over the summer and hoses seemed to be OK. Is it the heater core? How can I tell if it is the heater core?
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Check to see if the hose going into the heater core is hot with a cold hose coming out. This would mean the core is restricted and needs back-flushed or replaced.

The thermostat that was installed may be too cold for the vehicle. Verify the proper temperature rated thermostat was installed.
I'll check the inlet and outlet hoses. Could a restriction in the core cause the engine temp to rise? I'll be sure to check back in. Many thanks for the advice. AJ
A restriction in the core could allow the temperature to rise somewhat, but not to the point of overheating usually.
Once the proper operation of the basic systems have been confirmed as the previous reply stated. There may be a heater control valve problem or possiblly an issue with the temperature control in the HVAC system.