Q: Leaking Break fluid on 1993 Mercury Capri

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how do i know whether my break fluid is leaking from my master cylinder or my power break booster. I have brought my car to 2 mechanics and they both say well its your master cyliner and your power break booster im like really , then they reply well ya know the reason i say its both is because i would hate to dbl time charge you for doing a job twice to replace 2 things i can kill with one stone, so better todo both im like heh wtf.So im here asking for help/
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How much and how frequently have you been adding brake fluid to your car? If this just started and you have put only a small amount of brake fluid into the system I would think it would be OK to replace the master cylinder only. The brake booster should have no brake fluid in it at all. I just put a master cylinder and booster on a car, the owner said he had been topping up the brake fluid every week for the last 6 months. The brake booster had about two full cans of brake fluid in it.
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