Ford Windstar Problem Report

Ford Windstar Knocking Noise Due to Broken Intake Runner

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A knocking noise from the upper engine area may indicate a loose intake runner. Our technicians tell us if this is the case, replacement of the upper intake clamshell will be necessary.

I have the knocking noise and I went and look at the control rods and the bushing on the back rod was off and rod disconnected. -
i hear a light tapping,knocking sound on the driver side of 2000 windstar please telll me what could that be... -
Clacking noise from upper intake. Replaced and problem solved!! -
my pinging noise comes and goes. does not do it when i have it in shop. dealer siliconed shell back together. will not do anything until they hear it. -
engine started running rough then the check engine lite came on the more i drove the more the engine sounded like it was pinging and the miss got worse after scanning code p1518 i will let you know when repair is complete -
seems like the little arms vibrate off. You cannot buy the arms by themselves, so you are told you need the whole runner control. GO TO A JUNKYARD AND GET THOSE TWO LITTLE ARMS>the intake runner is probably just fine. Mine was . Cost 8 dollars and and hour and a half to fix. Also you can bend them a bit to make them fit in snugger. The end clips to hold them are plastic and are 6 dollars each at the dealer. -
Engine noise when starting. Noise stops after reaching 45 - 50 mph -
Knocking noise in engine, changed to synthetic still noise. Problem has not been fixed yet. When to dealer explained that they did not hear the noise. So I will find someone other than the dealer that will listen to me... -
The intake shell had crack. fixed that problem. We still have loud popping noise in engine? -
knocking noise and now it won't start at all. -
the moter is making aknocking sound -
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I don't know if I'm calling it by its correct name.I think my intake is leaking around the seal...
What is a fair price to pay to have my upper and lower manifold intake gaskets replaced?