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Battery Weak Due to Inadiquate Alternator Output on Kia Sedona

Problem Description and Possible Solution

After the vehicle has been operated with electrical loads (lights, air conditioning), a weak alternator can cause starting difficulties. In some cases, the original alternator could not sufficiently charge the battery; Kia released a new alternator which can correct this concern.

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Kia Sedona Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 101,321 (33,000–196,450)
7 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007, 2008, 2009
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Alternator was covered in oil from the valve covers leaking(another common issue). Replaced. The leak was repair ~2 months later after trying to have Kia fix it under warranty to no avail. Just had to replaced the alternator again at 110K due to the regulator not functioning correctly; lights would dim, pulsate and the idle was rough.
Battery keeps going dead engine check light was on not blinking. Diagnosed as bad or 'weak' alternator. Replaced alternator
I have my kia 2006 van in shop I got the in July 24 2014 and it is in shop for repair and my warrany the alternator wentb
I am not happy put thi kia I have hate my kia
Problem started occurring sporadically this last winter. As soon as battery is jumped everything is fine. Will work good anywhere from weeks or months until it happens again.
Bought it in Illinois. On second battery (purchased) since we bought it. Battery will not charge completely or it dies after the minivan is off for 3 days. Realized that the kia dealership were we bought it had to charged the battery before we had test drive it. They said it happens since it had been sitting their for months. Didn't think nothing of it. We wound up buying a battery 2.5 years later and in less than a year returned it because it wasn't holding the charge. We thought that was the end of the battery drainage... a few months later... maybe 6, it stared to do the same to this new battery. We got a 5 year battery. We can not tell what is going on.
This is an update from my previous post about 2005 Kia Sedona @ 54,750 miles.
I just had to replace the alternator again. So my alternator only lasted 14,000 miles.
That is absolutely RIDCULOUS!
sometimes it starts no problem,other times as i turn key off radio instantly dies and no lights or nothing.Battery test good as well as starter,but alternator has low charge.Other times ill get in it to start and nothing.Happened at parts store and couldnt even jump it or nothing.Then it just started with no trouble at all.Any ideas??
Battery light and brake light indicators would come on for a few seconds then go off. After about a week of that the lights stayed on and sedona would not start because of no battery charge.
At first I thought I just had a dead battery. Called AAA to come and jump start my car or replace battery.
I was told my battery was fine and my alternator was fine. All I had to do was drive my car for a half hour to recharge the battery.
After doing that, the second time I went to start my car it would not start. I called AAA again and this driver told me I needed to recharge my battery. I drove it for a half hour home that evening and the next day the car would not start. I jumped started the car myself that morning and took it to my mechanic. He told me after running a diagnostic that the alternator was running sporadically and that the battery was not being charged. He suggest I get a new battery and alternator. Well, $500 later we will see what happens.
I had owned a Honda Odyssey for 17 years (221000 miles) and never had to replace an alternator. Likewise, I have had to replace the A/C on this vehicle also at about 40,000 miles. I have owned the car for two years now, thought I was getting a good deal because of the low mileage when I bought the car, however, now I am starting to think that this is like an American made car where you can count on having problems regularly.
this has happened numerous times over the years and I have purchased about 4 or 5 batteries now and fixing to purchase another.